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The story of a German conman

| DW Documentary | It was one of the biggest white-collar scams in German history. In the 1990s, Manfred Schmider and his company FlowTex took investors for more than two billion euros. Today, the conman himself can’t believe how easy…

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Black Money

| Frontline | FRONTLINE investigative correspondent Lowell Bergman examines the shadowy world of international bribery. The story reveals how multi-national companies create slush funds, set up front companies, and make secret payments, all to get billions in business. But these…

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Taxodus – playing the global tax avoidance game

| VPRO | Where do multinationals pay taxes and how much? Gaining insight from international tax experts, this excellent documentary takes a look at tax havens, the people who live there and the routes along which tax is avoided globally….

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Whistleblowers – Alone against the system

| DW Documentary | Consternation, anger, a sense of powerlessness. A decision is made, and there’s no turning back. Your conscience begins to consider the possible consequences. It’s the start of a struggle against a system — and former allies…

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