Pyramid scheme

How to spot a pyramid scheme

| TED-Ed |Learn the techniques and tricks that pyramid schemes use to recruit new members and how to avoid being fooled yourself. In 2004, a nutrition company offered a life-changing opportunity to earn a full-time income for part-time work. There…

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Is Crowd1 running a pyramid scheme? – How does a pyramid scheme work?

| BBC | Crowd1 presents itself as a high-tech crowd marketing business. It promises significant returns to its members. To start making money with Crowd1, a person needs to buy an ‘education package’ directly from the company. So is Crowd1…

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Unmasking the Pyramid Kings: Crowd1 scam targets

| BBC | The best scams always come in disguise. And Crowd1 is the most audacious scam we’ve ever seen. It looks like a high-tech marketing business that’s making a ton of money for people across Africa. All you need…

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