Fraudstorytelling is a free search-engine and platform with films, documentaries and other audio and video material in relation to fraud, cybercrime, money laundering, corruption and other integrity issues.

Our mission is to help you find the most appropriate audio and video material for your learning, awareness raising and training activities: the stories-behind-the story of fraud, corruption and integrity issues.

You can only expect people to do what they understand. Awareness and understanding of fraud and corruption are the foundations of effective prevention, detection and response.

It is our ambition to offer the largest international collection of audio and video-material regarding fraud, corruption and other integrity issues.

For every title we provide a link to the official website so that you can preview, stream and download your preferred audio and video material.

The use of our search engine is free.

Disclaimer: The simple fact that audio or video material can be found on the internet, does not imply that watching, listening or sharing it is free of limitations and charges. Professional streaming services, for example, may not permit the showing of some documentaries in a professional setting, including classes. Further, distributors may ask a reasonable fee for watching or showing their video material. In case of doubt about limitations and charges, please contact the distributor. We provide the relevant links. We are not responsible for any claims and damages in this respect.

Fraudstorytelling has a wide-angle view on fraud.

Modus operandi: bribery, corruption, money laundering, terrorism financing, cybercrime, tax evasion, illegal betting, match fixing, environmental fraud, science fraud, financial statement fraud, asset misappropriation, espionage, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, bankruptcy fraud, business ethics scandals, etc.

Industries: agriculture, construction, entertainment, financial markets, food and beverages, internet, logistics, real estate, science, sports, production, mining, etc.

Views: governance, prevention, detection, investigation, enforcement, sanction, regulation, etc.

Story-behind-the-story: greed, power, deforestation, environmental dumping, drugs trafficking, arms smuggling, human trafficking, modern slavery, kleptocracy, etc.

Cases: recent cases such as Wirecard (Germany) and Luanda Leaks (Angola), iconic cases such as Madoff (USA) and Parmalat (Italy), and many other complex or less complex cases.

Solutions: if known to us, we indicate if a film has been presented at a conference, used in an awareness raising program, screened for a panel discussion, etc. If a film is part of a training package we may include a reference to the supporting material.

Our sources are international media-databases such as BBC, Al Jazeera, France24, Thomson Reuters and ICIJ and also the wider internet. Hence the qualification ‘one-stop search engine’.

In our search engine we have added fraud-specific tagging to improve the quality of your search. To assist you, we show the most popular key-words on the right hand side of your screen.

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