Risk & Compliance

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Risk & Compliance Platform Europe is a cross-border interactive platform for all professionals working in the field of risk and compliance, both in the financial world and in the business environment. It is published in five languages (English, French, Dutch, German and Italian).


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RayFilm is an independent audiovisual production company founded in 2013 and produces high quality content for a variety of clients. RayFilm’s portfolio beholds documentaries, TV-programming, commercials, and corporate-productions. Aim is to always deliver the best possible creative experience, with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

EBBEN Partners

Onafhankelijk onderzoeks- en adviesbureau EBBEN Partners

EBBEN Partners is an independent investigations and consultancy firm specialising in:

  • Investigations and forensics
  • Audit, risk management and compliance
  • Valuation, litigation support and restructuring.

We operate from offices in Hilversum (NL) and Brussels (B).