Two reporters take on Italy’s Mafia

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Two reporters take on Italy’s Mafia
| DW Documentary | Italian investigative journalists Federica Angeli and Paolo Borrometi report on the mafia. But their work comes at a price: both they and their families have received death threats. Federica Angeli has been researching and reporting on organized crime in Rome for many years. She was the first to reveal the full extent of the Spada clan’s criminal activities in the seaside suburb of Ostia, and her findings led to the arrest of key figures in the crime family. But her reporting also had consequences for her own life: the journalist has received numerous threats from the mafia, and she has had to live under police protection for years. Still, Angeli continue to report on the mafia in Rome for "La Republica". She says she feels duty-bound to her work and that she partly does is to provide her children with a safer future. Paolo Borrometi, meanwhile, knows it won’t be long before he is again attacked. The Sicilian reporter works for a leading press agency and uncovered ties between mafia and politics in his hometown of Scicli. His reporting cost mafia-run businesses millions and he was put on a mafia hit list. In 2014, he was badly beaten up and his home was set on fire. He now lives with 24-hour police protection, with four bodyguards and soldiers protecting his current home. This report shows Paolo Borrometi and Federica Angeli at work and tells the story of their courage.
0 h 28 min
Corruption, Power abuse, Extortion
Investigative journalism
Release Date
30 April 2019
DW Documentary
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