The Multilevel Marketing Cults: Lies, Pyramid Schemes, and the Pursuit of Financial Freedom

| James Jani | These companies follow a Multi-Level Marketing model, that means they often do not sell their products/services via retailers, but through a workforce of people sometimes called their “distributors”. This strategy is also often labelled as Network…

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Waste Management $1.8 Billion Fraud Story

| deepEND | Waste Management FBI Fraud Story When we hear the term waste management, what comes to mind is the truck that picks up garbage, and that’s all. However, there’s more to that. Why do you think Bill Gates…

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Illegal Logging: The Problem

| European Forest Institute | Trees are vital to our planet, they are the natural protectors of our climate. As the largest plants in the world, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil, and give life to…

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