Theft And Corruption Among Indonesia’s Elite

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Theft And Corruption Among Indonesia's Elite
| Journeyman Pictures | Catwalk (2011): With 60,000 millionaires the cash is splashing around in Indonesia. Yet recently their playground has been invaded by two major scandals that reveal the full extent of the country's corruption. Malinda Dee's smile is immovable as she walks down the catwalk, in a luxuriant green dress, her neck covered in diamonds. Yet behind this polished look lies the story of a major banking scandal. A former employee at Citibank, Malinda is now in jail awaiting trial for allegedly stealing from her clients - something even her lawyer has not denied: "Malinda would use the clients' money, then she would return it". She was allowed to carry on unchecked by Citibank because of the number of high-profile clients she brought in. Yet while the bank was losing millions and not even noticing at the top end, at the other end its heavy-handed tactics cast a dark cloud over the country. Irzen Octa had accrued a credit card debt of $5,000 and was subject to intimidation by Citibank's debt collectors. When he visited his local bank branch he ended up dead. "Lots of people have the same experience of being terrorised", says Octa's wife. Yet despite the corruption, big credit rating agencies are about to pump billions of investment into the system. "Whether it's a dark alley of debt collectors or the Ferraris of Malinda, it just shows how acceptable it is in this country to make money by any means."
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4 August 2016
Journeyman Pictures
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