December 23, 2021

Filmtip: Congo’s Missing Millions

Filmtip: Congo’s Missing Millions

Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | December 23, 2021

Title: Congo’s Missing Millions
Duration: 45 minutes
Year: 2021
Producer: BBC Africa Eye documentary
Tagging: #businessethics, #corruption, #government

Unlocking secrets from Africa’s biggest banking data leak, BBC Africa Eye reveals how millions of dollars of public funds ended up in the private bank accounts of businesses based in Democratic Republic of Congo and owned by family and associates of former President Joseph Kabila. This programme also raises serious questions about unexplained transactions through an official account for the office of the Presidency when Joseph Kabila was in power. How much did the former president know? The investigation is part of #CongoHoldUp, an international collaboration with access to evidence from BGFI Bank.

Congo is the African country known for the reign of terror of King Leopold, the man who had his subjects’ hands cut off if they did not work hard enough on the rubberplantations. More than a century later, in the early twenty-first century,  the stability in the country is yet to be found and the President Jospeh Kaliba tries to end the civil wars that tear the country apart, without great successes. In 2017, the Congo Research Group did present a study which shows that the former president had enormous wealth and that he and his family own more than 80 companies in and outside the Congo. Moreover, millions of dollars of public funds seemed to have disappeared on accounts also owned by Kaliba and his family. BBC Africa Eye investigates in this documentary where the unexplained transactions come from and whether the ex-president washes his hands in innocence.

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