May 18, 2021

Filmtip: Coronavirus Pandemic

Filmtip: Coronavirus Pandemic

Fraudstorytelling | Filmtip | 18 May 2021

Title: Coronavirus Pandemic
Duration: 54 minutes
Year: 2020
Producer: Frontline
Tagging: #sciencefraud, #fakenews, #government #healthcareindustry, #academicworld

Overview: | Frontline | How did the U.S. become the country with the worst known coronavirus outbreak in the world? FRONTLINE investigates the American response to COVID-19 — from Washington state to Washington, D.C. — and examines what happens when politics and science collide.

At the moment, the corona virus still has a grip on the world. How is the US trying to suppress this spreading virus, and failing at it? And why are politics and science at odds when it comes to these kinds of life-threatening situations?

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