July 29, 2021

Filmtip: Diplomats for Sale

Filmtip: Diplomats for Sale

Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | 29 July 2021

Title: Diplomats for Sale
Duration: 53 minutes
Year: 2019
Producer: Al Jazeera
Link: Diplomats for Sale – Fraudstorytelling
Tagging: #businessethics#government

How much would you pay for diplomatic immunity? The trade in Caribbean diplomatic passports has become a magnet for wealthy foreigners, corrupt businessmen and criminals from around the world. Al Jazeera exposes two prime ministers who are complicit in the deals. The investigation reveals details of how an oil smuggler, turned ambassador, turned international fugitive bought his way into the diplomatic class. Investigators go undercover to reveal the inner-workings of a secret system: to find out how much it costs and what it takes to purchase what’s become the ultimate luxury item; a diplomatic passport.

Diplomats are inviolable and this makes the role attractive for powerful people around the world who have no good in their way. In this fascinating documentary, Al Jazeera shows how a lively trade has arisen around obtaining such a highly sought-after document.

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