October 22, 2021

Filmtip: Take Five’s Scam Academy

Filmtip: Take Five’s Scam Academy

Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | 22 october 2021

Title: Take Five’s Scam Academy
Duration: 10 minutes
Year: 2017
Producer: Take Five
Link: https://www.fraudstorytelling.com/movies/take-fives-scam-academy-module-1-email-scam/
Tagging: #financialfraud, #ITindustry

Module 1: email scams
In just one year, hundreds of thousands of people will receive a scam email. If one of those people was you, would you spot something wasn’t quite right? Click below and learn how you can make sure the answer is ‘yes’…

Module 2: number spoofing
It is very easy for fraudsters to send you a scam text, manipulating the phone number or displayed sender name to look like one you already recognise. It’s also very easy for you to watch and learn how to protect yourself if someone’s not who they say they are…

Module 3: phone scams
If you get a phone call from your bank or the police saying they need your personal details for something, why wouldn’t you assume they’re genuine? Because of everything you’re about to see in this video…

In these three short videos, Take Five explains in detail how you can fall victim to financial fraud in everyday ways. Via the mail or the phone, fraudsters know exactly how to make people believe in their lies. Take Five is a campaign from the UK that offers straight-forward and impartial advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud. This includes email deception and phone-based scams as well as online fraud – particularly where criminals impersonate trusted organisations.

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