October 14, 2021

Filmtip: The Oligarchs

Filmtip: The Oligarchs

Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | 14 October 2021

Title: The Oligarchs
Duration: 50 minutes
Year: 2018
Producer: Al Jazeera
Link: https://www.fraudstorytelling.com/movies/the-oligarchs/
Tagging: #financialfraud, #financialmarkets, #energyindustry

Al Jazeera’s investigative unit unravels a high-stakes international plot by powerful Eastern European oligarchs to make millions of dollars off a crooked deal. According to a Ukrainian analyst, “It sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses. You can sign it with your blood.” The settlement involves a web of offshore companies and international lawyers attacking $160 million under the noses of authorities. The money is effectively being stolen for a second time… the money was initially frozen by Ukrainian courts after its former president, Viktor Yanukovych, discovered it had emptied the country’s treasury. The Oligarchs include an exiled gas billionaire guarded by Russian special forces, a Moscow real estate mogul and an Olympic show jumper on the run from Ukrainian authorities. The research sheds light on the ever-changing battle between the oligarchs and global financial regulators.

It has hardly escaped anyone’s attention lately; a gas crisis is coming. News media have been reporting for weeks about rising gas prices this winter and its consequences for the average households. The controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, in which Russia is the majority shareholder, could partly solve the gas problems for Europe, but several EU countries are not keen on this, and this unsympathetic attitude is not entirely unjustified. Namely, this documentary by Al Jazeera shows how Russian Oligarchs deviously manage to move millions of euros to offshore companies.

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