September 16, 2021

Filmtip: The Panama Papers: Behind the Scheme

Filmtip: The Panama Papers: Behind the Scheme

Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | 16 September 2021

Title: The Panama Papers: Behind the Scheme
Duration: 55 minutes
Year: 2019
Producer: Real Stories
Tagging: #corruption#financialfraud#government#investigativejournalism

A documentary feature film about the biggest global corruption scandal in history, and the hundreds of journalists who risked their lives to break the story.

The fraud that came to be known as the Panama Papers is a notorious case, known worldwide. Hundreds of documents appeared publicly due to the massive data breach of an anonymous informant and this revelation exposed the scandals of the tax haven. In this documentary, Real Stories shows the work of investigative journalists determined to uncover the whole truth.

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