June 21, 2021

Filmtip: Why Amazon Has So Many Counterfeit Goods

Filmtip: Why Amazon Has So Many Counterfeit Goods
Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | 17 June 2021
Title: Why Amazon Has So Many Counterfeit Goods
Duration: 11 minutes
Year: 2020
Producer: CNBC
Link: https://www.fraudstorytelling.com/movies/why-amazon-has-so-many-counterfeit-goods/ 
Tagging: #counterfeit, #financialmarkets, #pharmaceuticalindustry, #internetindustry, #mobilityindustry


The USA is dealing with an uncontrollable demand for counterfeit products. Over past two decades counterfeit product seizures have increased tenfold. Some of the products that are being counterfeited are clothes, luxury brands and pharmaceutical products.

The documentary shows that counterfeit products are mainly produced in China and Hong Kong and that they are sold through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and e-bay. This short documentary is in line with Europol’s recent assessment that organized crime often uses corrupt practices to secure illicit gains in business and highlights some of the problems with counterfeit goods, as well as how government officials are dealing with those problems.

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