July 15, 2021

Filmtip: Murdoch’s Scandal

Filmtip: Murdoch’s Scandal

Fraudstorytelling | Weekly filmtips | 15 July 2021

Title: Murdoch’s Scandal
Duration: 53 minutes
Year: 2012
Producer: Frontline
Link: https: https://www.fraudstorytelling.com/movies/murdochs-scandal/ 
Tagging: #bribery, #corruption, #entertainmentindustry

Over half a century Rupert Murdoch’s business audacity and political shrewdness built one of the world’s most powerful media empires. Now his dynasty is under threat — not from outside competition, but from shocking accounts of bribery, blackmail, and invasion of privacy. The scandal has prompted criminal investigations on both sides of the Atlantic. It has also cracked open the insular world of the Murdoch family, its news executives, and the political elite who court their favor.

This documentary highlights how a media mogul with strong political ties did cause one of the UK’s biggest scandals of the 21st century. From wiretapping of the British royal family to hacking into mailboxes on mobile phones, which ultimately led to the forced termination of Murdoch’s newspaper, News of the World.

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